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Speck 'Unkraut'

Inkl. Sticker
Marke: Tonzonen REcords
Barcode: 4260589411512
Katalog: TON138

"If consumed accidentally it might make your head nod, your hip swing and your feet tap for at least 37 minutes. Handle with care. [...] Kraut-Spacerock on its best."

– Günther "Doktor 420" for Doom Charts

"As if their songs came out of an LSD laboratory rather than a recording studio, SPECK builds a powerful hypnotic album, full of passages that take us through a strange sensory dimension to offer us a unique world full of gratifying sensations. With meditative moments, the songs flow, plunging the listener into a black hole from which they will not want to leave. Without a doubt, one of the most accomplished psychedelic albums of the year."

– DenpaFuzz

"Mit Speck fängt man nicht nur Mäuse sondern in diesem speziellen Fall auch Volker. [...] Da bretter ich mir vor Begeisterung den Nacken knackig. [...] 37 Minuten und 17 Sekunden pure Energie für den geneigten Freak!"

– Volker Fröhmer (Rockblog.Bluesspot)

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