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Smile, The 'Europe: Live Recordings 2022'

Marke: XL Recordings
Barcode: 191404129210
Release Datum: 10.03.2023
The Smile have today confirmed details of a limited edition,
vinyl only live EP, titled Europe: Live Recordings 2022, out 10th
March via XL Recordings. True to its title, the EP is comprised of
live recordings of fan favourites from The Smile"s widely
acclaimed debut album, A Light For Attracting Attention, as well
as the band"s rendition of Thom"s 2009 solo track
FeelingPulledApartByHorses. Europe: Live Recordings 2022 was
recorded in various cities over the course of The Smile"s first
ever tour last summer.
1.1 The Opposite
1.2 Thin Thing
1.3 Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses
1.4 The Same
1.5 Waving A White Flag
1.6 Free In The Knowledge

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