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Ovalles, Alfredo 'Sun Spot'

Marke: Klangbauhaus Records
Barcode: 197085180557
CD with the beautiful artwork by Daria Filippova and design by Sergio "Karakenio" Almendro

During the different lockdowns consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, I was one of the many artists that, faced with the lack of live performances, turned to recording themselves. To me, that was one of the few positive aspects of this situation - having the time to be locked in a room with a piano and the chance to explore new repertoire while at the same time learning how to record myself.

This collection is just a selection of recordings I made during that period, of which I am quite proud how they turned out. They were all one take performances and are exactly as they happened in the hall where I played them.

All proceeds from the sales of this album will be donated to Help Musicians Ukraine (, an organization doing great work supporting Ukrainian musicians that due to the horrible war being waged against their country had to leave and are in need of support to stabilize their situation in other countries. They have done a lot of help already and with your contribution, they will be able to help even more people

My gratitude goes to Angélica, Kasia, Julia, Margareta, and Hilda for their music and generosity. Thanks must also be extended to Wiola Zochowska for her help fleshing out this recording, Daria... more
released September 30, 2022

Mix by: Ola Sonmark
Master by: Rafael Ferreira
Recorded in the Eroica Saal of the Theatermuseum Wien except 5 recorded at Lightbulb Studios
Cover by: Daria Filippova
Layout by: Sergio Karakenio

Sun Spot by Katarzyna Głowicka is published by Donemus
4 Intermezzi by Julia Purgina is published by paladino media GmbH
Recordando a Celia by Hilda Paredes is published by Boosey&Hawkes
The Peculiar Purple Pie-Man of Porcupine Peak by Angélica Negrón is published by Good Child Music

A production of Klangbauhaus Records
All rights reserved - © and ℗ Klangbauhaus Records 2022

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