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Lost In Kiev 'Rupture'

Barcode: 4059251498100
Release Datum: 04.11.2022
For over ten years French cinematic post- rockers LOST IN KIEV have been creating massive, narrative-driven atmospheric rock opuses that have brought them to play on renowned festivals like Dunk!festival and AMFest, as well as on tours with acts like ENSLAVED or MASERATI. After three years of pandemic-induced inertia, the four gentlemen from Paris return with their new record Rupture which sees them turn the page to a new chapter in their considerable career. Being recorded in a live-setting, Rupture concerns the band's feelings about the drastic environmental changes that can be perceived all over the world. Casting their eco-angst into nine soaring and explorative tracks, LOST IN KIEV channel a sound that's raw and pristine, reaching an emotive power beyond anything they have done before. What sets LOST IN KIEV apart from their peers is not only the perfection of their produced sound but also their composition and musicianship_on Rupture their experience oozes through the cracks. With Rupture, LOST IN KIEV have delivered another tour de force that surpasses their previous outings in many ways. Every song is pure melancholic ecstasy and rapture, while it also sees the band tread new ground. Going through various layers of dynamic composition, these nine tracks easily suck you into the band's much needed narrative in which they lay bare their concerns and their anxieties. Rupture sees LOST IN KIEV at their most raw and authentic, and in a time where climate concerns need to be put back on the agenda, the album is a much needed experience: a gripping portrait of mankind's deteriorating relationship with its planet, this record will resonate with many fans of instrumental rock, both aesthetically and emotionally.

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