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LP 'Lost On You'

Barcode: 4050538284881
LP – aka Laura Pergolizzi – is taking the one-country-at-a-time approach to world domination.

After a string of record deals that yielded very little by the way of actual releases, the US singer-songwriter penned her latest track Lost On You during a time she describes as “one of her lowest points”. Fast-forward 18 months, and the song has topped the charts in 15 countries across Europe. Now she’s set her sights on the UK.

1. Muddy Waters
2. No Witness
3. Lost on You
4. When We're High
5. Switchblade
6. Up Against Me
7. Suspicion
8. Other People [Explicit]
9. Tightrope
10. Strange
11. Death Valley
12. You Want It All
13. Long Way To Go To Die

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