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Jonny And The Rotten 'Here Is Johnny II'

Marke: StoneFree Records
Release Datum: 30.09.2022
Johnny & The Rotten

Imagine the Beach Boys having weird, dirty, sweaty sex with Sonic Youth and their baby turns out to be an angry punk that doesn‘t give a fuck about the dos and don’ts of how to behave as a band. Johnny & the Rotten are a breath of fresh air to the yet oddly diverse and gifted music scene of Linz, Austria and probably the rest of the world.
Expect the unexpected at each one of their shows but most importantly expect to be blown away by a noisy wall of sound and an overly energetic show that makes you wonder how only three dudes manage to deliver all of that.
Now i don‘t know if it‘s their charisma, my love for extraordinary music and especially surf rock, or a mix of all those things, but Johnny & the Rotten are definitely one of the best bands around at the moment and deserve to be heard and / or seen by everyone who‘s actually not only listening to radio music.
Words by Carol Lieb (Implore)

Hannes „Johnny“ Arnezeder - Guitar / Vocals
Mario Sanchez - Bass
Theodor Finster - Drums

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