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Hypnotic Floor 'Odd Conjectures'

Marke: StoneFree Records

Numbered from 200pcs

The bandcamp reviews say it all:

Carsten Pieper "Well, yeah, I'm really not the first one to mention it, but these guys really are the Austrian KGWLs, aren't they?

As with the Aussie Brethren, a highly entertaining mixture of styles wrapped ina groovy rocking package. Wonderful stuff! Favorite track: Mi_Go."

Crypt Guard "The Austrian answer to the Lizard Wizard from down under, Vienna’s Hypnotic Floor dropped a hot one. ‘Odd Conjectures’ features eclectic tracks with swirling melodies and rhythms that force the fiercest critic into a soothing head bob. Not convinced? Check out the entrancing ‘Mi_Go’, go on! I dare you to." Favorite track: Mi_Go.

TheEliteExtremophile "This Austrian act blends high-energy, infectious psychedelia with inventive song structures. Cuts range from the jumpy, catchy opening track “Toxo” to the sprawling, laid back “Tagaloa”, which incorporates plenty of jazz and vaguely “Eastern” sounds."

Full review here: Favorite track: Toxo.

TheDude "Asskicking album, instabuy. Some of it reminds me of KGLW, Slift etc, but still got their own thingy going, and the riffs are endless. Hope to see this live whenever this COVID19 crap is over Favorite track: Beinwärts.“

wanda_am "Couldn't have gotten a better introduction to the band, amazing! Every track is great, really excited to see what they can conjure up in the future. Favorite track: Snail."

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