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Great Gray Funk, The 'The Great Gray Funk'

Marke: StoneFree Records

Release Datum: 12.05.2023

Being a vernacular term for long and foggy winters, it should come as no surprise that the band behind The Great Gray Funk seeks to capture that certain eeriness and darkness with its music. As the band emerged during times of pandemic-induced isolation in late fall of 2020, the name seemed doubly appropriate.

Over the next two years, the band made its first live appearances and recorded its debut album, to be released in 2023.

While carrying their influences on their sleeves, the band does not shy away from expanding their sonic horizon through constant experimentation. Doom-laden riffs, bittersweet melodies and in-your-face drumbeats are just as likely to be found alongside catchy hooks and intricate instrumentation, with the occasional cheeky guitar solo thrown in. Consequently, The Great Gray Funk’s music invites the audience to repeat listenings.

There is always something new to find and appreciate.

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