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Frusciante, John 'Enclosure'

Release Date: 11.08.2023
Barcode: 789577725416

2023 Vinyl Reissue Of "Enclosure". On April 8, 2014 Record Collection released ENCLOSURE, the 11th full-length album from John Frusciante. Following a series of releases that all explore similar electronic themes and diversions as e.g. PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone album and surrounding EPs Letur-Lefr and Outsides, saw Frusciante diving headfirst into disorienting, barely cogent electronic music and filling in any remaining space with outspaced stuff from Funkadelic-like guitar solos to cameo appearances by members of Wu-Tang Clan. Not easily understood as dance music, experimental music, or rock music, Enclosure considers, rejects, and reconsiders all of them on a second-to-second basis and stands as one of the more listenable of Frusciante's ever-obtuse solo albums. Enclosure was written, produced, performed and engineered by Frusciante in his Los Angeles-based recording studio.

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