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András Dés Quartet 'Unimportant Things'

Barcode: 9120017267997
Marke: Budapest Music Center Records
For me, jazz is democracy and a game that requires the right partners. People like Martin Eberle, whose subtle and sensitive trumpet voice can bring amazing depth to the simplest themes, Philipp Nykrin, whose creativity can turn the musical process in the most exciting directions, and Kenji Herbert, who with special attention transitions between the roles of soloist and accompanist, depending on what the music requires at the moment. This democratic game gains significance only when we bravely embrace mistakes, reveal our vulnerable side and offer our souls to the musical process, to our fellow musicians and listeners. This calls for trust, empathy and openness, alongside the right dose of ego and a willingness to take risks, as music must evolve. And of course, creativity, to stave off monotony. The free improvisations that bridge the compositions, forming the foundation of our musical concept, unfold as a natural outgrowth of the preceding musical events. They organically progress toward the envisioned goal, just like our lives. Because music is life.

Martin Eberle – trumpet
Philipp Nykrin – piano
Márton Fenyvesi – guitar
András Dés – percussion

Recorded at BMC Studio, Budapest on 3-4 July, 2023
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Viktor Szabó
Artwork: Anna Natter / Cinniature
Produced by László Gőz
Label manager: Tamás Bognár

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